Current setup (2013)

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The business side of the rack...
Somehow I managed to get an acceptable cable
managemnt scheme worked out this time. (Well,
sort of...). At least I can access the rack from the
backside, a good thing if you want to change
something. I even installed a LED light there!

Cable bundle emerging from the rack...
It mostly contains Ethernet cables, power supply,
SCSI  and FC cables. On the bottom of the picture
one can see a leg of the network equipment frame.

"The display wall"
This are three displays connected to a 6-head
Windows workstation (IBM Intellistation Z Pro).
Also connected are two CRT monitors on the
other side of the room. Also connect to these
displays are a SCI Octane (dualhead) and the
O2 (to the rightmost display).

Well, the big fat Origin 2100 and a VW320, mostly
devoted to VHS video capture (there is a Panasonic
AG-7700 VHS machine on the other side of
the table. Not very ergonomical, but the VHS
machine can controlled by the VW320 via RS422.
At least in theory, due missing software for that).

The display wall seen by daylight. O2 on the far
right (notice the "Häkelschwein" on top of it).
Lots of documentation, programming books and
other litrature (mostly philosophy books). Also a
can of silicone oil...

Picture on the right (continued):

The row below: LTO library (10 100Gb tapes
inside), O200 Gigachannel (the skin is broken,
I am currently working on a replacement solution
as it's only a matter if time that they also fall of the
two O200s) Below the Gigachannel: A single
SGI InfiniteStorage 9400 brick containing a well
mixed bunch of HDD's.
Bottom row: A 15/30Gb DLT drive and the two
NUMAlinked Altix 350s. They are sitting on a
cable plenum (the white thing) where all the
residual cable lengths go. The panel on the left
side of the rack is the main power distribution.
It is build in a way that the whole arrangement
can be fed either by 240V, 16A single phase or
400V, 16A three phase power sources.

The rack (actually one of these shelves intended for
workshops or cellars). On top of it (mostly out of the
picture) are two vaxen (VaxStation 4000/60 and
VaxStation 3100) with associated Toshiba CDROM
and TK50 drive. Also sitting there is a single 300Gb
FC hdd in a modified SCSI enclosure.
Next row: OpenFiler appliance (build atop a small
PIII-600 PC), Brocade Silkworm 2800 FC switch
with two Vixel Rapport 1000 FC hubs on top. In the
middle section you find the aforementioned IBM
Intellistation Z Pro, two NUMAlinked Origin 200,
an IBM Intellistation R Pro and finally two
 FC-SCSI bridges.

Networking frame, build by myself from thick
wooden beams (quite stable and oversized for
the job). On top of it are the AVM FritzBox 7390
router and an ATI 8-port, 100Mbit switch.
Below a 24-port, 10/100Mbit ATI switching
hub and an ATI 10Mbit 8-port 10BaseT/
10Base2 hub.  The two 8-port devices are
powered on continuously, while the 24port device
is switched on/off with the switchable rack
circuit. The 10Mbit hub is sitting atop of an Cobalt
RaQ4 (which is the main login-, mail-, DNS- and
webserver when it resides in a dedicated machine
room, too loud to operate it continuously in a room
where you also have to sleep... The job of it is currently
transferred to a fan- and diskless thin client.
The two devices below are a (seldom used)
DECswitch 900EF (router, hub, and FDDI bridge
in one person, despite the name no (ethernet) switch
in it) and a Cisco 2514 router, with used to connect to a
foreign  network in a previous location.

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