Current Setup (2017)

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Things haven't change much since 2013. However there have been some additions (in italics)

...but first: The pictures :-)

Racks and workplace: Networking stuff (leftmost), Origin 200, Altix 350, Vaxen and FC switch (Brocade 2800). A decserver 200 for serial consoles can also be found. Origin 2400 rack an the right side...

Some specs on the Origin 2400:
8x MIPS R12k 400 MHz
2x MIPS R12k 300 MHz
6x MIPS R10k 250 MHz
IMPACT SI graphics
+ FC, Gbit Ethernet and the other usual stuff...
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Different perspective... Right to the Origin Rack an AMD64 server can be found (2x AMD Opteron 4 core, 16 GB RAM, HP SAS hardware RAID controller, Qlogic FC, Mellanox Infiniband, 2x 1 TB, 2x 2TB and 1x 500 GB HDD's, Tyan Thunder H2000 Board. All in a shiny white NZXT case :-) Racks
Network Rack
Network Rack - Not much changed here compared to the 2013 version. ISDN is now disabled due upgrade to VDSL connection...
Rightmost two FritzDECT 200 switches can be seen - major parts of the setup are now completely remote controllable...
Top view... Still the Fritzbox 7390 in action here + Allied Telesyn switches Router
Behind the racksCables 2

Cable works behind the rack. Concerning cable management: I've done better (the 2013 version looks more "clean" to me) 

Cables 3
FC switch, DECserver
Some more Details: No more free ports on the Brocade 2800 FC switch :-) - But there are some ports left on the Vixel hubs on top of it.
Serial ports on the DECserver 200 are also well populated, connections are mostly serial consoles for remote controlling the servers...  
Video workplace, also some literature (always nice to have) Video workplace   
Origin 2100 and some more displays. This wall will serve as a projection surface for a beamer in the near future... O2100

Switches in the E-Lab (see here for more details on the lab [t.b.d])

3com OfficeConnect stackable components: I like these - quite compact, functional & good looking... The top Gbit switch has the nice "rings" 3COM logo :-)

Color matched (related to the table) Brocade 2800 FC switch and an IBM compact PC for test equipment...

Switch E-LabE-Lab 2

Workstations / Servers (CPU / RAM)

SGI Indy (R4400SC 150Mhz / 256Mb)
SGI Indigo2 (R4400SC 200Mhz / 384Mb)
SGI O2 (R5000 200Mhz / 128Mb)
SGI Octane (R12000 400Mhz / 1,1 Gb)
SGI Octane (R12000 400Mhz / 512Mb)
SGI VW320 (2x Intel PIII 550Mhz / 512Mb)

SGI Origin 200 (4x R10000 180Mhz / 3Gb)
SGI Origin 2100 (8x R10000 250Mhz / 8Gb)
SGI Origin 2400 (8x R12k 400Mhz, 2x R12k 300Mhz, 6x R10k 250Mhz / 24Gb)
SGI Altix 350 (4x Intel ItaniumII 1400Mhz / 4Gb)

DEC VaxStation 4000/60 (KA46 55Mhz / 48Mb)
DEC VaxStation 3100 (KA42B 16Mhz / 32Mb)

IBM Intellistation Z Pro (Intel Xeon 3000Mhz / 3Gb)
IBM Intellistation R Pro (2x Intel PIII 1130Mhz / 2Gb)
IBM ThinkStation S51 (Intel PIV 3000Mhz / 1Gb)
IBM ThinkPad 760ED (Intel PI 130Mhz / 48Mb)

Apple MacIntosh LC (M68020 16Mhz / 10Mb)
Apple Newton 130
Apple MacBook 6,1 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2260Mhz / 2Gb)
Apple iPad 4

DTK PEM2500 (Intel i386DX 16Mhz / 11Mb)
NSC Geode (Cyrix Geode 300Mhz / 128Mb)
Cobalt RaQ4 (AMD K6 3D 450Mhz / 768Mb)

Tyan Thunder H2000 AMD Opteron 2x 4core / 16Gb

LAN / Interconnects

ATI (Allied Telesyn) AT-FS708LE (Ethernet 10BaseT / 100BaseTX Switch) 8 ports
ATI (Allied Telesyn) CentreCom FH824u v2 (Ethernet 10BaseT / 100BaseTX Switching Hub) 24 ports
ATI (Allied Telesyn) CentreCom MR820TR (Ethernet 10Base T / 10Base2 Hub) 8 + 1 ports
3com OfficeConnect Gigabit Switch 8
3com OfficeConnect Ethernet Hub 4C

Router / Bridges

AVM FritzBox 7390 Multifunction Router
Cisco Systems 2514 Router
DEC DecSwitch 900EF Ethernet / FDDI Brouter
DEC DecServer 300 Ethernet / RS232/422 serial Terminal Server / Bridge (16 serial ports)
ASANTE Ethernet / Apple LocalTalk Bridge


Brocade 2800 FC Switch (OEM version, labeled EMC2)
Brocade 2800 FC Switch
Vixel Rapport 1000 FC Hub
Vixel Rapport 1000 FC Hub
StorageTek 3200 FC / HVD SCSI Bridge
StorageTek 3250 FC / LVD/SE SCSI Bridge
SGI InfiniteStorage TP9400 Storage System (10 HDDs)
Openfiler NAS/SAN Appliance (also serves LAN)

1GBaseTX Ethernet

direct Host-to-Host connections, based on Broadcom NICs


2x 10Gb direct Host-to-Host connections, based on Mellanox HCAs


800Mbit/s direct Host-to-Host connections, based on SGI XIO HiPPI cards (Essential Chipset)


Eizo L768 TFT display
Eizo L768 TFT display
Eizo L767 TFT display
Eizo L567 TFT display
Eizo L365 TFT display
Iiyama Vision Master 451 CRT display
NEC Multisync II CRT display
Elsa Revelator stereo shutter glasses 

Input devices

Wacom Intuos2 tablet
Thrustmaster FLCS/TQS/RCS flight controllers (modified)

"Paper processing"

HP C5196 Flatbed Scanner with ADF
Ultima AT6 Flatbed Scanner
Epson LQ550 24pin printer
Epson StylusColor 640 inkjet printer
Apple LaserWriter 4/600PS laser printer